Sunday, 20 January 2013

Winter wreath with poinsettias

I made this wreath as a Christmas present, but with its clean and simple red and white design it can be a nice decoration of the house during all winter months, not only around Christmas time.

The base of the wreath is a styrofoam ring, covered with white felt. I used red felt and a couple of yellow beads to create the poinsettias. Pins with red head help you fix the white felt and give the final touch for the wreath.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Monday Moodboard - 9 July 2012


I work in the marketing industry (well, actually I'm unemployed at the moment), which means I had to keep contact with the press offices in my previous roles and make sure that every printed marketing material was perfect. One of the first things, I learned from the pressmen was the meaning of the CMYK acronym.
C - cyan, M - magenta, Y - yellow, K - key (in most cases black)

Have a nice week!

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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Great ideas for jewellery organizers

I guess I'm not the only woman who has problems with tangling necklaces and earrings. I think it’s a universal issue for women. :)
It happens always on rushed mornings that those earrings and necklaces are totally tangled what I would like to wear and it would take at least half an hour to unravel them.

As nowadays I have only my most beloved jewellery with me they can fit in a small 3-drawers box. But unfortunately they have the chance being tangled in the drawers.

This jewellery holder was made from a simple brown paper mache box with 3 drawers. I got it from my mother. She ‘wrapped’ my Christmas present in it some years ago. She is environmental conscious as well and she knew I will make something very useful from this box. It happened how she expected: first I painted the box with white acrylic paint than I glued my favourite paper napkin on it with decoupage technique.  This is one my favourite jewellery holder since then. The white crochet earrings you can see on the picture were made by my sister, and the ring with the little bird is Norita’s beautiful work. I love both jewellery very much.

But next time I will make a jewellery organizer on which I can hang my jewellery one by one next to each other to avoid tangling. I found some really great idea, and you don’t even have to buy expensive materials for them, you can use some redundant stuff from your home.

This one for example was made from a swing arm trouser hanger. I would wrap the hanger with a velvet ribbon in my favourite colour. It would make it warmer and it can stop jewellery from sliding.

Do you have a drawer or a picture frame at home what you don’t need anymore? You can make nice jewellery organizers from them what would fit in your home. You can paint, decoupage or cover with fabric the frame. It’s important to use some kind of grille material or loosely woven fabric so that you could hang your earrings into the small holes.

Click here to find out the tutorial for this jewellery organizer

Here is a great tutorial for a fabric covered picture frame jewellery organizer.

The next idea is so simple: All you need is a cork board (maybe someone has just replaced a cork board for a bigger one in an office, grab the abandoned board) and a few pins. You can make it more stylish and unique by painting or decoupaging the frame of the board and paint the cork board itself. You can choose colourful pins as well.

And the last one, my current favourite one: jewellery organizer from an oven rack. I would have never thought about an idea like this...
If you bend little hooks from a thin wire, it can make it easier to hang your jewellery on the rack.

Click here for the tutorial for the owen rack jewellery organizer
During my research, I found an idea about using a rake head as a jewellery hanger, but I think it can be very dangerous and it doesn’t look too pretty.
I still don’t know which of the previous ideas will I accomplish... maybe a totally different one.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Monday Moodboard - 02 July 2012

Rain is back again this morning...
I like this etching with the cat. His face expresses exactly how I feel about this weather.

I wish you a lot of sunshine for this week!

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Monday, 25 June 2012

Monday Moodboard - 25 June 2012

Fancy a picnic outside?

I would like to pack a big picnic basket full of fresh fruits and delicious sandwiches and go to the riverside, set my picnic sheet on the field and enjoy the summer. :)

Have a nice week!

Fancy a picnic?
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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fancy hats everywhere - Royal Ascot 2012

There is one event in Ascot every year when not the horses and the bets are the most important but the fashion and the ladies. And the most important accessary is the hat some of which could tell a whole story...

I saw a group of pretty women wearing fancy hats on Thuesday at the train station in Reading. They looked funny among the other people wearing their casual clothes.

I like this small hat with this pretty dress.
It's also the time for the Euro 2012 so why not wear a football pitch hat? :)

I can't imagine how can she balance that on her head.
I've choosen only some modest hats for this post from this great collection.

You can also creat some similar but modest headbands and you just need some basic materials: simple headband, fabric leftover, beards, buttons... and a little bit of fantasy.
I like these ideas very much:

 Felt Bow Headband from LaceysHouse

 Brown Flower Button Headband from anw10791

Monday, 4 June 2012

Monday Moodboard - 04 June 2012

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration has started on Saturday in the UK and all across the Commonwealth countries. I watched the Thames river pageant online yesterday which was fascinating. I was impressed by the Queen’s energy at this age. The thousands boats on the river and the hundreds of thousands of people on the banks made the River Thames really alive.
I’m looking forward the Diamond Jubilee Concert at Buckingham Palace tonight!

I think after this short introduction, today’s Monday Moodboard won’t be a surprise. :)

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Let me show you my latest work. I made it yesterday while I was watching the Jubilee celebreation. :)

Diamond Jubilee Brooch